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*** Helmut ( has joined channel #docrock
*** Helmut is now known as Hellie
*** Mode change "+o Hellie" on #docrock by hanna

<Hellie> sorry, folks
<Hellie> we had some hard problems with the telecommunications here
<Hellie> we're now internetting via mobile phone
> heh

*** Crowley has set the topic on channel #docrock to call telecome for better wires;o)
*** Crowley has set the topic on channel #docrock to call telecom for better wires;o)
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<Hellie> sorry, we'll have to cut down things to ONE camera
<Hellie> and sound will not be possible as well
<Hellie> because our mobile phone only does 9600 baud :-(((
<Crowley> arg
<Hellie> ok, i'll give the keyboard to hellie now
<Hellie> hey folks, Johan here, hows life?
> heya
<Heidi> hey johan nice to have you here after this long time...
<Heidi> your video clip is running on MTV at the moment
<tery> hey johan where are you?
<Hellie> Wow, I don t have MTV myself, do you like it??

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<Heidi> the video? sure..
<Hellie> Im in Dortmund, Germany
<Heidi> it's a great tune i think...
<Hellie> Great! Buy the album and make me rich!

*** Majo is now known as Rocky

<Sindbad> i've seen it already too
<tery> what are you going to do with all that money then?
<Sindbad> it's a bit like old sisters song but great

*** Kiki (jc@ has joined channel #docrock

> hahahha
<mikha> guten tag
<Hellie> Ill invite you for a drink
<tery> thats great
<Hellie> We are the brothers of mercy!

*** Tapir ( has joined channel #docrock

> hehe
> where are the other Tiamats?
> i mean members?
<Hellie> They are back in Sweden enjoying life
> btw, i told to John to be here, but it seems he's sleeping :)
> cewl for them
> belthana
<Hellie> Yeah, its too early for John I guess
<Crowley> deep night, istn it? ;)
> ;) yeps
<Sindbad> do you use iternet for yourself johan

*** Moxi (jc@ has joined channel #docrock

<Hellie> I figured you would be that Marina
> heh

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*** Jing (jc@ has joined channel #docrock

<Hellie> Yeah, its ruining me!!

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<Josef> what do you think of MP3

*** Harry ( has joined channel #docrock

<Hellie> I think the sound quality sucks!

> any plans about a tour?
<Anton> yeah do release some songs via mp3?

*** Mode change "+o DocRock" on #docrock by hanna

<Hellie> Well do ten shows in europe in november
<tery> therte are mp3s on the website i saw
> cool...
<Crowley> where in germany?
<hanna> hey docrock there you are
<Hellie> Im not a fan of mp3
<Heidi> what's your favourite song of this year my hero?
<ali]> any plans of coming to Russia?
> my hero? lol

*** Harry is now known as ben_x

<Hellie> Ends by Everlast my queen!
> hey ali]:-)
<ben_x> are you afraid of mp3?
<Hellie> Id love to go to russia!!!
<DocRock> hey, hanna, here i am
<Hellie> Im not afraid, just think it sucks!
<DocRock> i'm trying to beam me through my mobile phone
<hanna> where have you been doc?
> hej docrock
<ben_x> why?
<DocRock> which will take about 528 years, 8 months and 7 days
<Heidi> thank you for the flowers...i heard something 'bout a stones cover version from
this really true?
<DocRock> i had to fly some waiting loops over dortmund
<Hellie> We still have Sympathy For The DEVIL!!!
<Crowley> yea ...sympathy is th coolest song on the single
<Hellie> Thanks!
<Hellie> To bad I didnt write it
<Crowley> hehe

* DocRock has no sympathy for the telecom (= devil)

<Heidi> ok it's a good choice
<Crowley> a little late.. :)
> haha
<Tina> are you the last heroes of a broken scene?
<DocRock> wellie, you've still got time to write some rival ;-)
<tery> hellie, do you use a computer at home?
<Crowley> ive never listen to the text until tgis version
<Hellie> We are the recover!
<Hellie> Ive been addicted since my C-64

*** ali] is away (ali] is away! (by autoaway))

<Crowley> cool
<Anja> is this your first online chat johan?
<Crowley> what was your favorit c64 game?
<Hellie> No, Ive done a couple of ones before
<Hellie> Captured and Winter games
<Anja> it's a nice thing with these webcam pics..
<Crowley> the joystick killers
> Johan: i've heard all the new album, i got it from Russia
> i think it rulz
<Tina> could you imagine to work with everlast?
<Hellie> Thanks
> i guess it's kinda pirated :-)
<Hellie> If Everlast would like to!
<Hellie> Guess so!
<tery> winter games is great
<tery> especially the slalom
<Hellie> Winter Games is awful. It still rules!!
<Crowley> do you remember decathlon
<Sindbad> do you have a promotion day today, with interviews and stuff like that hellie?
<DocRock> rumour has it, that a new C64 will come, based on some risc cpu with linux os ;-)
<Hellie> Yeah, I liked it aswell
<Hellie> Pr the whole day!
<Hellie> I still have my old one and I still love it!!

*** Sindbad has set the topic on channel #docrock to why does johan looks so tired?
*** Anton has set the topic on channel #docrock to he's looking beautiful!

> ehhehe
<ali]> :)
<mikha> coz he's tired, i guess
<Hellie> I m tired cause Ive been doing interviews the whole f+++ing day!

*** Crowley has set the topic on channel #docrock to no talking in in the channel ;)

<Crowley> and then a f***ing chat like these ;)
<Maja> what's about the sound of your first record? would you ever return to the dark trash kind of metal?
<ben_x> do you like german bands?
<Hellie> This is the fun part of the day!
> which camera works? i'm confused
<Crowley> ok ... was just a joke:)
<Hellie> I still love black metal

*** Tina has set the topic on channel #docrock to evil !!!!!

> what do u think about Samael/eternal?
<Maja> what kind of black metal bands do you like ?
<Crowley> is thats the reason why aour sounds today back-to-the-roots?
<Hellie> Didnt hear it yet, but I like Samael!
<DocRock> crowley, don't you say f***ing chat to my f***ing chat!

*** Signoff: mikha (No route to host)

> you rulz

*** m_ha (muha@ has joined channel #docrock

<Crowley> DocRock: ok sorry.... IT WAS A JOKE!!!!!!
<Hellie> I like Cradle of filth
<hanna> DocRock can be very very angry.....when someone says something against his chat
<Anton> do you live still in scandinavia?

* Crowley LOVES this chat

> hehehe :)
<Hellie> No, I live in germany
<Tina> where????
<Hellie> In Dortmund

* DocRock has got the feeling of some time lapse on his computer

> maybe it's the mobile? :-)

<Kiki> wow do you like football? Borussia?

* DocRock loves a.c.

<Hellie> I still love my swedish team Hammarby!
<Hellie> Borussia have ugly colours!
<Crowley> hehe
<Crowley> and cannot play soccer ;)
<Kiki> but it is a perfect team!!!!
<Hellie> Agree with you Crowley!
<Crowley> *g*
<DocRock> ?
<Anja> do you know the fan websites of tiamat?
<m_ha> what beer do you prefer?
<Hellie> Yeah, Im in contact with some of them!
<Hellie> Becks or Warsteiner!
> i heard there's a party in Sweden about the new album. when is it?

*** DocRock has set the topic on channel #docrock to 15 minutes left

<ben_x> hey hellie, did you see the ecllipse of the sun yesterday?
<Anja> what do like about Dortmund?
<Hellie> On tuesday
<DocRock> johan just sent his manager to hell ;-)
<Hellie> The eclipse was a ripoff!
<Tina> what hell? the music hell?
<Hellie> I like the closed coalmines here!
> ahhahaha why there? what did he do? ;-)
<Hellie> Real hell!!
<DocRock> .
<Hellie> He gave me work
<DocRock> no, the music hall
<ben_x> do you think that it happened just in the media? it was a great fake
> ahaha
<DocRock> ben_x: yeah, just like the lunar landing, right? ;-)
<Crowley> i only know the single, but a very little bit it sounds to like little little little
step back (nearly death grunts) but its pretty cool! ... are you angry again :) , or what is the reason
<Anja> do you think that tiamat is going to be mainstream in some weeks...
<Hellie> Yeah, and Elvis is alive
<Hellie> Im angry and mainstream at the same time
<Crowley> elvis sells pommes frites in bremen
<Sindbad> what was your last concert from another band you have visit?
<Hellie> McDonalds or Burger King?

* DocRock whispers to ben_x: it was an american moon imitate, not the real moon

<ben_x> i believe you docrock
<Hellie> Man or Astroman? They were great
<Crowley> an indipendent store:)
<Crowley> arg
<DocRock> hellie: so it's mainstream to be angry now?
<ben_x> psst:elvis will fly the starship that will save us all
<ben_x> did you know this?
<Hellie> Ultraviolence sells
<Anton> what's this in the backround it's a cool picture..
> are you at home now?
<Hellie> The record cover of a CroMags album
> or am i too stupid to ask?
<Hellie> Im at the record company
> then i'm too stupid to ask hehe
<Anton> seems to be the cromags boxset..
<DocRock> psst: elvis flew the starship that saved us all -- but not you
<Hellie> No, it was an album
<ben_x> and i saw the yeti
<Heidi> do you know that your new album is going to the charts?
<Hellie> Hopefully number 1!
<Crowley> 0 to 1
<Hellie> In every f+++ing country!!
<Anton> if you could play for one day in another band...which?
> ehehe
<Crowley> and the beatles are forgotten ;)
<tery> so you can pay our drinks then
<Hellie> Creedence clearwater
* DocRock curses every single bit running through that 9600 baud connection
<Hellie> Ill buy all of you drinks!!
> mikha just told me to make a movie from the cam pictures :-)
<Maja> i thought creedence were dead???
<DocRock> ok, start with me
<Hellie> I am alive
> this will be so funny don't you think? put it in the index :-)
<Sindbad> yeah sounds great and you only have to use 2 pics :-D
<DocRock> i am not alive
<ben_x> will there be other interviews for you today?
<Hellie> Yet another Elvis rumour ofcourse
<DocRock> well, seems you'd like to see the camera moving?
<Sindbad> the first picture and the second one..
<Sindbad> yeaaahhh
<Hellie> I have tons of interviews today
<Josef> maybe johan is not alive and his manager has make a look a like puppet..
<Crowley> in toreroclothes

*** DocRock has set the topic on channel #docrock to only 5 minutes left

<Hellie> Hes working on a Josef puppet aswell
<Anton> yes and the manager moves this puppet the whole long day
<Josef> noooooo
<Josef> i'm still moving no way to the music biz..
<Hellie> I wish it would be true, then I could go to the pub
<ben_x> where can I order a puppet of my boss?
<Crowley> Hellie: two words about jesus and the church? *ggg*
<Hellie> 666
<Crowley> hehe
> ahaha
> lol
<Heidi> the manager is moving the camera
<Crowley> or meving the room around the cam
<Crowley> moving
<Tina> i think the girl at the video stands behind all this
<Crowley> it comes from outer space
<Crowley> sure
<Hellie> I get dizzy by this moving room
<DocRock> now, can a puppet do this?
> nice nail hehe
<Anton> nice finger make-up
<Crowley> hey black fingernails
<Anja> only a very good puppet!
<Hellie> thats a black metal f++k off, you know!
<ben_x> hey manager: open his back and you will find a floppydisk with everything he sais today
<ali]> :)
<Hellie> My batteries are running low
<Crowley> ohoh
<Crowley> duracell!!
<Hellie> panasonic
<Crowley> drink some bere
<Maja> use duracel...that would help
<Crowley> it will help u
> get duracell
<ben_x> put him directly on the mobile phone
> they never stop ;)
<Hellie> yeah, like the rabbit in the adds??
<ali]> only drumers need duracell...
> :-)
> hehehe
<Crowley> on next tour u visit germany?
> i just love this add
<Anton> yes like the one with the drum..
<Hellie> my drummer is on gasoline
<Josef> and this chat will go on forever
<Hellie> and hes not a rabbit

*** DocRock has set the topic on channel #docrock to just ONE minute left

> make a pose for us :-) and say cheese to the cam :P
<Anja> oh oh to many questions left...
<DocRock> hurry up, johan has to leave real soon now
<Sindbad> yes what's the sign of life?
<ben_x> you have to be careful with the milleniumbug, otherwise your battery will go mad
<Crowley> when do you come to germany (to play) next time`?
<Kiki> where are you next sylvester?
<Crowley> nice tounge
<Hellie> germany in november
<Crowley> cool
<Crowley> good question:)
> haha thanks for that!
<Crowley> kiki
<Hellie> gotta go, nice talking to you. enjoy the evening!!
<ben_x> he will be on the moon
<Kiki> thank you crowley
> bye :-)
<ben_x> was nice here
<tery> bye bye
<Crowley> but Hellie dont want to answer
<Hellie> Cheers!
<Crowley> cu
<ali]> bb!
<Sindbad> bye change your management!
<Crowley> ciao Hellie
<Heidi> take care of your duracels
<DocRock> ok
<DocRock> camera switched off now
<Anja> ciao that was great...evryone

*** Signoff: Anja (I Quit)
*** DocRock has set the topic on channel #docrock to hellie has just left the building
*** Marina has set the topic on channel #docrock to Visit to get a log file, and pics of this chat :-)

<Crowley> coool
<Crowley> Marina: so soon?

* Marina is offLog file closed at: 8/12/99 8:39:19 PM

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