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Phantasma De Luxe
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A Deeper Kind Of Slumber

Akordy rozpisał Anders Ek (Nevyn),
Solo rozpisał Joonas Autio,
Użyte akordy: Am: 002210 G: 320003 Asus: 002200 C: (0)32010 G/B: x20003 E: 022100 PHANTASMA DE LUXE Am G Am G Am this dole crowner gallows me as this mere welking hallowed be G Am G Am whereupon i trick and train and tire to limn my umbered love in fire G Am G Am before this noble mare bewrays as i clearly see it all decays G Am in debile coil of smoke suspires Am Asus Am Asus Am Asus Am Asus Am G Am G Am ay our last orison quickens as we are drumbling near this poize of free G Am G Am quell me maculate slowly dyer case my remains with sharpened brier G Am G Am atone me to my throes curtail to dim and fire fields i vail C G and my eale's but a slumbering lier Am Asus Am Asus Am Asus Am Asus During the solo play the verse and chorus chords again. ie: Solo: (this is probably coolest solo Edlund has done) Transcribed by Joonas Autio (there might be some mistakes...) E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|-----4h5----5h7p5--------------------------4h5---5/7p5------7-9b---7-9b---- D|-5-7----------------7-5-7---5-3--------5-7---------------10---------------- A|--------------------------------3-3---------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|------------------------3------------------------------------------------- G|-12p9----7-5-7b---7p5-----5-3-5----------4h5----5/8-12-----9-7-9---------- D|-------------------------------------5-7---------------------------------- A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|------------------8---8brbr-7---7-8-8brbr-7---7-8------------------------ G|-----------7-9-10-------------9-------------9-----9------9h10p7---------- D|----7-9-10--------------------------------------------------------------- A|-10---------------------------------------------------------------------- E|------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|------------------------------------7---------- B|-8brbr-7---7-8-8brbr-7---7-8-10b-hold bend----- G|---------9-------------9----------------------- D|----------------------------------------------- A|----------------------------------------------- E|----------------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------------------------- B|----------------8-------8----8-10--8-10-12---10-12-15b----10---- G|--------7b--7-9-----7-9----9------------------------------------ D|-7-9-10--------------------------------------------------------- A|---------------------------------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------------------------- Am G Am G Am G Am G Am G Am G Am C G Am G Am then so lingered here but none to buckle back what had begun G C in molten aeons caged desire dared phantasma us much higher G Am ceased to milch the clover flower neither raindrops no my lover G/B C E C G/B Am shall restore what has been done when we're all keeled in freezing sun

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